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Cook For Your Dog

Here are a few dog meals and treats I make for Coco.  I am excited to share these recipes with you.

I hope this will inspire you to cook for your dog, at least some of the time.  Feel free to make changes, and add ingredients that fit your dogs dietary  needs and taste pallet.

Feel free to share with family and friends just be sure to acknowledge the source of the recipe.

Please note: These recipes are not ‘nutritionally complete’ as defined by the AAFCO*.  However, my dog Coco’s diet has been 90% home cooking for years with no problems for years.  I supplement her diet with fish oil, yogurt, cottage cheese, Dasuquin with MSM.

If your dog is new to home cooked meals start slowly and consult your vet if your dog has any existing medical issues.


*Keep in mind that many commercial ‘dog foods’ that contain unmentionable ingredients are AAFCO compliant.